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Executive Board

Mark Cerkvenik - Chair

Mark Cerkvenik - Chair
Frankfort Township Democrats

Mark was elected chair of the Frankfort Township Democrats in August 2022. He and his wife, who is an election judge, have been Mokena residents since 1994. 

Mark  is relatively new to organized politics. He began canvasing for candidates in 2019, worked on the Sanders and Biden campaigns and was elected as the Precinct 7 Committee Person in March 2020. He has been a registered voter for over 42 years and brings his leadership skills from business and healthcare to the organization. 

Mark’s focus is on building a sustainable organization that informs and engages voters and supports Democratic candidates. He seeks to align the Frankfort Township Democrats with the broader Will County Democratic Central Committee and knows at times we may not agree with the larger organization, however uniting Democrats to elect Democrats up and down the ballot is central to preserving our human rights in America. 

Finally, Mark’s  political mission, in addition to growing a sustainable organization, is to attract members and develop those between 30 and 40 years old  to be leaders of the Frankfort Township Democrats.


Contact Mark at or 

Flagel Head Shot_edited.jpg

Mark Flagel - Vice Chair
Frankfort Township Democrats

Mark moved to Frankfort in 2020 with their  two young children and was elected to Precinct 21 Committee Person in June 2022  and elected vice chair of the Frankfort Township Democrats in August 2022.

He is not new to  organized politics and has been volunteering since high school for local, congressional and presidential campaigns. 

Professionally, Mark is a civil litigation attorney with a law firm in Chicago and wanted to become an attorney because they are in a position to help individuals, groups, and organizations with their legal issues and at the same time have the opportunity to further the public good.

Mark’s focus is growing the Frankfort Township Democrats as he intends to stay in the community and raise his family for the foreseeable future. He not only wants to have an impact in these most recent elections but wants to have an impact for decades to come. 

His goal is to help elect candidates that:  1. Offer the best vision and policies for a brighter and more prosperous future for all in Frankfort Township.  2. Represent and protect the interests of working people and want to protect voting rights for everyone. 

Contact Mark at or

JoAnne Hamilton-Gunkel
Treasurer - Frankfort Township Democrats

JoAnne and her husband, who is an election judge, have been residents of Mokena for over 30 years and have raised two adult children in the community, where they have been volunteers since moving to Frankfort Township in 1989. 

She and her husband work tirelessly in Democratic organizations to give back to the community that served their family so well. JoAnne has been an active member of the Will County Democratic organization, as well as the Frankfort Township Democrats since 2016.

She has served as a Frankfort Township Democratic Precinct Chair since 2018.


JoAnne is a proud retired public school teacher, and taught High school and Middle school Science for  34 years. As a teacher and now as a retired member of the Illinois Education Association, she has continued to serve in many different leadership  roles within the union.

 JoAnne, would like to see Mokena, Frankfort and the entire Lincoln Way/Frankfort Township community thrive and continue to be a place that all families feel valued and supported.


Contact JoAnne at 

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